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  • Assortment lists on w. 3: Note that this is not ready yet. Notera att detta ej är klart ännu och Coop återkommer inom kort med besked till all berörda.
  • When setting price in article announcement in Euro (€) please use the code EUR 
  • Angående listningsbesked för v 3: Notera att detta ej är klart ännu och Coop återkommer inom kort med besked till all berörda.
  • Manual on Price Announcement is uppdated - the process is adjusted with repsect to cases where the edit button doesn't show. You can find it here!
  • Blank screen when trying to save Announcements -  get more information here
  • There are now recorded training sessions for both Article- and Price notification  - available on this page
  • Do you have problems related to article data from Validoo? Read more here to troubleshoot! 
  • List of Old and new Categories
  • It is not possible to mix announcement types when you announce. This means that if you have several articles to be announced but they are different types of announcements, you need to divide them depending on what is being announced: New, Change, Discontinued and Reintroduction. Read more here!
  • Note that when entering the GTIN/EAN, leading zeros must always be removed. Example: 009999 must therefore be entered as 9999 
  • You currently receive no e-mail notification when you submit an article announcement to Coop. However, each buyer at Coop receives information about the announcement 
  • When you announce a new article, be sure to double check that the article is announced against the correct category. 
  • If you are unsure which category your article belongs to, contact your buyer.
  • Please make sure that Your articles are registered on the right Category before submitting an Article announcement. If in doubt what category to use, please contatct Your Coop Contact


If You have questions or issues regarding the system please contact our qualified support Partner Stamford:


Phone: +46 (0)54 13 79 70 (choose alternative 1) 

Opening hours: Week days 8:00-17:00 (Day before Bank Holliday 8:00-13:00)


If You are a registered supplier to Coop but are missing login Credentials please contact: supplierscontact@coop.se