Start-up new system for item and price notification

September 19th (Monday week 38) the new systems will take effect for all article and price announcements. It is very important that you have absorbed the knowledge about the new processes and the system via the material that will be published on this page at the end of week 36.

CKS closes for price and item notification week 35

Already in week 35, the old system CKS will be frozen and thus closed for all price and item notifications. During this freezing period (weeks 35-37), no price or articles notifications will be received. The first opportunity to announce items or prices after week 35 will be September 19th (Monday week 38) when Coop's new system is put into operation.

Schedule roll-out of new processes for warehouses and stores

As mentioned above, the first step in the schedule that affects suppliers is valid from week 38 and involves:

- move to new article notification system

- move to new price notification system

- introduction of strict requirements for master data quality and Validoo

During the rest of the autumn and 2023, Coop will gradually roll out the new processes and system support. As mentioned above, campaign management in the new systems will begin in the autumn, then only affecting new campaigns. This is also where the roll-out of our warehouse processes will begin. We will start with the frozen and then move on to the dry and direct flow. The plan is to finish with the fresh starting in the spring of 2023.