Coop has begun work on the conversion in preparation for our new fully automated terminal in Eskilstuna. You as a supplier are an important part of the process by delivering goods as efficiently as possible.

To make it easier for you as a supplier, Coop has produced a "Preparatory guide for automation" which can be downloaded in logged-in mode on this supplier portal. It contains information about the automation requirements and what you as a supplier need to think about before the switch to Eskilstuna.

Coops Automation Requirements

  • Automation-adapted packaging and pallet 
  • GS1-marked pallet and packaging according to standard 
  • Automation-adapted load carriers of type SRS and CHEP 
  • Quality assured article master data via Validoo according to standard 
  • EDI requirements according to ESAP20 standard


Note that You need to be logged in to access the Automation.