The requirement for high data quality on article information will be even more important than before following the introduction of the new system solution. In order for the new automated processes to function, data on articles must be complete and correct and delivered within the ECR's time window.

In short, the above means that Articles that do not meet the requirements cannot be included in the stores' listing of orderable items. They will not be relevant in upcoming procurement processes. Changes in article data for news outside the ECR time axis will mean that the announcement of the product must be redone in future windows.

Coop's goal is for all article data to be sent through GS1's Validoo system and that is also is processed through their Quality Assurance product Q-lab, all in accordance with the Coop Handling Appendix.

For those suppliers who will not be able to handle data via Validoo, there is a temporary solution, where suppliers can deliver article data via an Excel template that is available from Coop. Note that the quality requirements for data are the same regardsless of how data is delivered.