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Hej, och välkommen till Coops Leverantörsportal!

Coop är med sortiment, service, logistik och kommunikation den goda kraften i svensk dagligvaruhandel. Vi är bäst på marknaden med att bidra till en hållbar utveckling och vi är måna om att arbeta med de bästa leverantörerna som delar vår filosofi. 

Här på leverantörsportalen kan du som godkänd leverantör:

  • Hantera artikel- och prisaviseringar samt kampanjer
  • Larma vid produktincidenter och produktlarm
  • Hitta sortiment- och butikslistor
  • Hitta information om Coops sortimentsmodell, hållbarhetsarbete, varuförsörjning och mycket mer

Här hittar du Coop's nya system för Artikel- och Prisavisering

För frågor gällande inloggning och behörighet till Coop Leverantörsportal och kampanjverktyget CKS, kontakta 

Wellcome to Coop Supplier Portal!

With assortment, service, logistics and communication, Coop is the good force in the Swedish grocery trade. We are the best on the market in contributing to sustainable development and we care about working with the best suppliers who share our philosophy.

As an approved supplier You can do the following on the Supplier Portal:

  • Manage article and price announcements as well as campaigns
  • Alarm in case of product incidents and product alarms
  • Find assortment and store lists
  • Find information about Coop's product range model, sustainability work, product supply and much more

This where You access Coop's new system for Article- and Price Announcements. 

Becoming a Coop Supplier

Are you interested in becoming a Coop supplier? If so, please start off by filling out the application form that can be reached by using the link below. Having filled out the form we will provide You with Login information and You will then be able to log in and complete the process in the portal. Apart from information regarding your company and the products that you would like to deliver to Coop, you will be asked to read and confirm Coop's policy and requirements. You will also be asked to attach relevant certificates.

Application form

Handing Product Recalls

In case of a recall the Supplier must immediately contact their assigned Coop contact. If the Supplier is unable to reach the contact person there is a dedicated phone number avalible when logged in to the Supplier Portal.

Electronic Invoicing

Coop has since long received electronic invoices in various formats (EDI, e-invoice). We have now decided to shift this strategy to apply to all supplier invoices, where mainly EDI will be used for goods invoices.

The reason is that Coop wants to achieve more sustainable invoice management by ensuring a more efficient process, where invoices in electronic format provide this opportunity. Please note that we do not count invoices via e-mail as an electronic format!

Invoicing Coop electronically can be done in two ways; e-invoice via Basware (Svefaktura, TEAPPS & PEPPOL) or via EDI (EDI-fact) through Evry. Email and mail via Basware are counted as manual invoicing.

For questions regarding your existing set, you are warmly welcome to contact us at (e-invoice) or (EDI).