Här på leverantörsportalen kan du som godkänd leverantör:

  • Hantera artikel- och prisaviseringar samt kampanjer
  • Larma vid produktincidenter och produktlarm
  • Hitta sortiment- och butikslistor
  • Hitta information om Coops sortimentsmodell, hållbarhetsarbete, varuförsörjning och mycket mer

Intresseanmälan om att få bli leverantör till oss hittar du i listan till höger.  

För frågor gällande inloggning och behörighet till Coop Leverantörsportal och CKS, kontakta leverantorsportal@coop.se 

Hi, and welcome to Coop supplier portal!
Are you interested of becoming a supplier to Coop? You can enter your application using the form to the right (Pink button, down to the right with text: Ansök här) and later on use your log in information to follow the application process on the portal. Apart from information regarding your company and the products that you would like to deliver to Coop, you will also be asked to read and confirm Coop's policy and requirements. You will also be asked to attach relevant certificates.

In case of recalls the Supplier must contact their ordinary contact person at Coop immediately. If the Supplier is unable to contact the ordinary contact person there is a special phone number which is avalible when logged in (as an approved supplier to Coop).

The webpage is mainly in Swedish but we have translated all the questions to English. Should you have any questions or be in need of translation help, contact leverantorsportal@coop.se.